Terre dei Vaaz

We are a vine-growing company, established with the aim of producing excellent quality wines from Primitivo grapes.


We come from different worlds: a research and development expert, a journalist, a wine specialist, a farmer and a cellar owner. What unites us are the same entrepreneurial values of Miguel Vaaz, founder of Sammichele di Bari, and the desire to fully redeem the Primitivo grape and restore it to its rightful place on the international wine scene.

For this reason, in the fruits of this autochthone vine from Puglia’s Murge plateau we have sought out the aroma, fragrance and colours of our tradition.

We believe that respect for the seasons and the exacting grape selection criteria applied by our company every day, together with a careful process of transformation and ageing, are the only way to ensure the production of memorable wines and unique experiences. 

Our strength lies in the harmony of our differences.

Domenico Spinelli

His roots plunge deep into the soil of Sammichele di Bari, with a vine-growing tradition that reaches back through five generations. His passion for wine has led him to travel through Europe, Argentina and the United States.


Luisa Leonzi

A professional journalist and communications consultant for Italian and international companies. For over ten years she focused on defending consumer rights. She has always nurtured a profound interest in the region of Puglia.


Tommaso Pinto


An oenologist, originally from the nearby Locorotondo. The silent creator of many prestigious wines. He is an innovator, with a passion for discovering ancient winemaking techniques.

Giovanni Zullo

Having studied pharmacy, he entered the family cellar. In over 20 years, he has consolidated trust-based relations with the major vine growers in the Murge plateau area.


Giovanni Pinto

Serving quality vine growing for over 25 years. He has great passion and determination for a job well done and for the care of the vineyards and the environment.


Our Manifesto: a new geopolitics for wine

Let us demolish all falsifications of the history of wine, and set free the productive power of Puglia.

Let us defend our vineyards: they are our greatest strength. Nature is a living picture, to be loved and respected.

Let us contrast the alibis and fears of those who lack the courage to aim higher.

Let us defend our history: it is the grain of earth from which the ancient seed sprouts anew.

Let us stand up to the unwholesome individualism of producers, which shall remain as dust.

Let us unite our strengths and our excellences and move forward together towards a PRIMITIVE FUTURE.