I have crossed foreign lands full of darkness and light.
I have sailed stormy seas without losing my way.
I have founded cities, planted vines and olive trees.
I have welcomed migrants and patronised artists.
I have known fame and wealth.
I have been forgotten and maligned, celebrated, feared and loved.

I believe in dreams as the driving force for reality.
I have no way to know your name. Please, dream with me.
Dream of your Puglia reborn, the lands that once belonged to the Vaaz.
Dream of a joyous wine that will dissolve all vanity of vanities, and all pain.
Dream of a wine reminiscent of the history of our lands, the rocks of the Murge plateau and the midnight-blue Mediterranean.

In Puglia I relive the atmospheres of my beloved Spain and Portugal.
Each light, each rock transforms into the rich splendour of a Primitive Future.

(monologue of Miguel Vaaz) copyright Terre dei Vaaz


REM di Terre dei Vaaz inserito nella nuova guida Vini per l’Estate by DoctorWine

Siamo felici e orgogliosi di comunicarvi che il nostro REM è stato selezionato da DoctorWine e sarà inserito tra le prestigiose pagine della nuova guida Vini per l’Estate 2022! Intrigante e anticonformista, REM è un metodo classico da racemi di Primitivo. Un colore rosa-oro, un corpo definito e fresco. Al palato emoziona con un’armonia di […]