Our wines

Our debut opuses from 2017.

We premiered with a powerful commitment to bring back to life the history of Puglia and of the Mediterranean, with all its scents, fragrances and atmospheres.


A wine with an ancient and noble bouquet, opulent and bursting with unexpected nuances. A limpid, ruby-red colour, cyclamen around the edges, with considerable intensity and bright transparency. It starts with the flavour and bouquet of the red fruits typical of the Mediterranean scrub, tree-ripened and sour cherries, prunes and ripe pomegranate, sweet and bitter chocolate. Full-bodied and persistent, each sip brings an exquisite joy, with a finish that evokes unexplored thoughts and emotions.

Monovarietal Primitivo alc 15.5%, vol 750 ml

Limited production 2017: 2000 bottles.

Puglia PGI Primitivo.


Its bouquet is well-rounded and approachable, featuring clear floral notes of rose and red freesias, interwoven with hints of blackcurrant and light woodland notes, and a touch of sweet spices. Temptingly folding, with a strong supporting acidity, soft on the palate and resolutely warm. A fresh, mouth-watering finish echoes the nose with splendid symmetry.

Production 2017: 6000 bottles, 15.5%, vol 750 ml.

Puglia PGIĀ Primitivo.