Our heritage lies in a journey, amid experiences, places and knowledge.



This mysterious land offers something new in every journey. It has hidden its treasures for centuries. Peninsula within the peninsula, land of sea and hills, of countryside nobility, of capes and swords. A land of nautical adventures, battles and truces, loves and losses, war and peace. Of spirituality and silences, of Abbesses and Emperors. A land of great vineyards that have ennobled the wines of other regions over the centuries. Today we are certain that the erstwhile region of Enotria is ready to attain a place of honour on the international wine scene.


Originally from Asia Minor, it came via Illyria to Puglia, where it became a key element in the region’s economic history. The historic Primitivo vine adapted to the terroir, and grew to reflect the local landscape. The effect of the wind action and temperature range found on the Murge plateau means the vine breathes unique and unpredictable fragrances, creating wines that are different from year to year, but which never fail to please and surprise us.


The past,

today’s promise.



living sculptures.